Our design process starts with a concept that is trending. Inspiration from nature and textures, creating designs/digital drawings which capture the intricate details and beauty of the subject. From the distinctive black and white stripes of a zebra to the dramatically bold colours in our textures collection. These designs are then brought to life with modern, digital colouring and printing techniques which add vibrancy to our work






We print via direct to textile pigment printing, on the roll, for the cushion cover panels to then be cut and sewn into cushion covers, Giving a high-quality luxury handmade finish and feel. Zebra Designs loves to help the environment by using vegan-friendly fabrics such as vegan suede and vegan shimmer velvet.


Quality zips are added, alongside hand sewn brand label. Packaged using a high quality transparent cover and send using eco-friendly boxes.


Zebra Designs is a Luxury British home decor brand. We design bold, vibrant and unique prints. We pride ourselves in being vegan and eco friendly.

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