To begin you will receive a consultation ( free of charge ). This can be via email or a telephone appointment depending on which you'd find more comfortable. During the consultation, we will discuss your needs i.e the type of design you would like, fabrics, time frames, and costs.


Zebra Designs' goal is to create something entirely unique and exclusive for our clients. This means we won't sell your design to anyone else once it's created. The head designer will work with you one on one for a period of one week or longer if needed to perfect the design and make sure you are happy and confident with the finished piece. Each design is handcrafted by an illustrator/designer, bringing your ideas to life.


Once our head designer has produced the finished artwork and you are happy to go ahead (the design process usually takes one week ). We will move on to the production process, this will take around 2-3 weeks. Every single cushion is made from scratch, which means we print onto the chosen fabrics first. We then cut and hand-sewn each cover, finished with a hidden zip and brand label. The estimated time for everything is 4-6 weeks.


The cost for a bespoke exclusive design is £120, then an additional cost for the handmade cover depending on how many are needed. Usually, this would be

£30 for one cushion cover | £40 for two cushion covers  £50 for four cushion covers


Any handcrafted bespoke design made for a client will be entirely exclusive and unique to them. This means we will not sell this design in store or re-use it for another client. We want our clients to have something that's totally unique to them in the world.


Any client who decides to work with us in creating an exclusive bespoke design will be able to purchase the art print at RRP £15.00. If you are interested in this alone prices will vary depending upon request,


Zebra Designs is a Luxury British home decor brand. We design bold, vibrant and unique prints. We pride ourselves in being vegan and eco friendly.

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